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Freycinets Epaulette Shark


The Freycinets Epaulette Shark is also known as Indonesian
speckled catshark.




    Scientific Name.... Hemiscyllium Freycineti
    Family Name
    ......  Hemiscylliidae


  • General Information: There are 13 species of longtailed carpet sharks that are subdivided into epaulette sharks the (Hemiscyllium) and bamboo sharks (Chiloscyllium). These usually small fish have thin, slightly flattened, elongated bodies. The two relatively large, spineless dorsal fins are about the same size. The anal fin is far back on the underside, is in front of the caudal fin, and separated from it by a notch. The dorsal and anal fins are set very far back on an extremely long thick tail. There is little known on this particular species, the biology is almost unknown.


  • Size: They grow to a maximum length of 28.4 inches, and mature at approximately 24.0 inches.


  • Color: Freycinets epaulette sharks have large, sparse dark spots on the body, none white, no reticulate pattern. Moderately large black epaulette spot above pectorals without white ring or curved black marks around rear half. They have dark paired fins with light edges in young, changing to scattered small and large dark spots in adults. Broad dark bands under head and completely encircling tail in young, lost in light undersides of adults. Dark blotches on anterior edges of dorsal fins.


  • Feeding Habits: This species most likely feed on crustaceans and worms.


  • Social Behaviour: Hides in reef crevices by day, feeds at night.


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution: They are found in Indonesia and New Guinea, and occur in coral reefs, on sand and in sea grass in shallow water.


  • Life Span: Unknown.


  • Reproduction: They are oviparious.


  • Freycinets Epaulette Shark Attacks: Harmless.


  • Population Report: According to statistics they are near threatened, due to restricted habitat affected by expanding fisheries and pollution.

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