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Draughtsboard Shark


The Draughtsboard Shark has no other known names.


Draughtsboard Shark




    Scientific Name.... Cephaloscyllium Isabellum
    Family Name
    ......  Scyliorhinidae


  • General Information: The draughtsboard shark is a large stocky strongly patterned shark with inflatable stomach. Ridges over its eyes, two dorsal fins the second dorsal fin much smaller than the first, and anal fin. They have a large broad head with a large mouth.


  • Size: This sharks maximum length is approximately 3.4 feet. At birth they measure 6.2 inches.


  • Color: The color pattern of these sharks have up to eleven dark brown irregular saddles and alternating blotches on its sides in a checkerboard pattern, on a brown or golden background. The ventral surface is light in color and is not spotted.


  • Feeding Habits: These sharks feed on a wide range of bottom-dwelling bony fishes,( including cod, and sand perch) on elasmobranchs (spiny dogfish) and invertebrates (including octopus, squids, snails, krill, spiny lobster) Bony fishes and crustaceans are the most important components of its diet.


  • Social Behaviour: The adult draughtsboards are known to segregate by sex. They may aggregate in caves or crevices.


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution: New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan. These sharks are found on the continental shelf and slope, at a depth range of 60-720 feet. It occurs in crevices and caves of rocky reefs during the day, but may move into sandy or shell covered bottoms at night.


  • Life Span: Unknown.


  • Reproduction: The female draughtsboard deposits two tendril egg cases at a time, affixing them to macroalgae, sea fans. The egg cases are cream or brown in color and measure 4.6 inches in length.


  • Draughtsboard Shark Attacks: Harmless.


  • Population Report: Common.

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