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Crested Bullhead Shark


The Crested Bullhead Shark is also known as
Crested port jackson shark.


Crested Bullhead Shark




    Scientific Name.... Heterodontus Galeatus
    Family Name
    ......  Heterodontidae


  • General Information: The crested bullhead shark is a rather small, sluggish shark. Their snout is blunt and they have a very high supraorbital crests, that ends sharply just after the eye. It has broad dark saddle markings on the head and body and two prominent spined dorsal fins.


  • Size: The average size of crested bullhead sharks are approximately 3.8 feet long, and the maximum being 4.2 feet.


  • Teeth: Anterior holding teeth with a cusp and a pair of cusplets in adults, posterior molariform teeth strongly carinate and not greatly expanded and rounded.


  • Color: The background color of the dorsal surface is light brown or a yellowish brown with dark broad bands or saddles, no light or dark spots. They have a dark bar between eyes, and a broad dark blotch under the eye.


  • Feeding Habits: The crested bullhead sharks feed primarily on sea urchins, but also in crustaceans, molluscs and small fishes. This shark will wedge its way between rocks in search of sea urchins, and their teeth are often stained purple as a result of their urchin-eating habits.


  • Social Behaviour: Crested bullhead sharks are usually solitary. They are nocturnal.


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution: They are found in Eastern Australia, southern Queensland and New South Wales. It is found in rocky reefs, seagrass beds, and in seaweed. This shark occurs from shallow intertidal zone to depths of 300 feet.


  • Life Span: Unknown.


  • Reproduction: The female lays 10-16 eggs a year. Crested bullheads have egg cases with a pair of tendrils. The eggs are deposited among seaweed or large rocks, which the tendrils become tangled to anchor them. The eggs are most abundant in mid and late winter. The eggs hatch in about 5-8 months. The pups measure about 6.8 inches.


  • Crested Bullhead Shark Attacks: Not known to be dangerous.


  • Population Report: Relatively uncommon.

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