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Cookie Cutter Shark


The Cookie Cutter Shark is also known as Cigar Shark
or luminous shark.

Cookie Cutter Shark

Cookie Cutter Shark



    Scientific Name.... Isistius Brasiliensis
    Family Name
    ......  Cookie-cutter Shark


  • General Information: The cookiecutter shark is a small brown shark with a short snout. It has a cigar-like appearance is enhanced by its small dorsal fins being displaced to the rear of its body and by the lack of an anal fin. It also has a black collar around the back of its head. There are two known species of cookie cutter sharks: the cookie cutter shark ( isistius brasiliensis ) and the largetooth cookie cutter shark ( Isistius plutodus ) both belong to a family of deep water squaloid. They have large eyes with green pupils.


  • Size: This shark grows to be about 20 inches long. Size at birth unknown.


  • Teeth: They have specialized suctorial jaws and lips, and razor sharp, saw-like lower teeth. The upper jaw teeth are much smaller and finer, but still very sharp. They have thick fleshy lips, large tongue and strong throat muscles.


  • Color: The cookie cutter shark is a dark brown or dark tan color on top. The belly is light brown with a luminescent patch.


  • Feeding Habits: The cookiecutter shark's prey on large marlins, tunas, seals, whales and dolphins. The shark forms a suction cap with its lips on the skin of its prey, then bites and swivels around to cut out an oval-shaped plug of tissue, just like a cookie cutter in pastry. Scientists believe that it uses its bioluminescent light organs, which glow in the dark, to lure fast-swimming prey close, so that they can ambush them.


  • Social Behaviour: Cookiecutter sharks are a solitary species, coming together only to mate.


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution: They are found throughout the tropical oceans of the world. Normally inhabits depths as great as 11,500 feet.


  • Life Span: Unknown.


  • Reproduction: It is ovoviviparous, but nothing is known about the size of its litters.


  • Swimming: They are slow swimmers.


  • Cookie Cutter Shark Attacks: Harmless.


  • Population Report: Probably not uncommon in deep oceanic waters.

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