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Colcloughs Shark




    Scientific Name.... Brachaelurus Colcloughi
    Family Name
    ...... Brachaeluridae


  • General Information: This species differs from the blind shark in the placement of its anal fin (which does not reach back to the origin of the lower tail lobe), in the length of the snout (longer and more rounded), and in the relative sizes of the first and second dorsal fins (the second is noticeably smaller than the first). Juveniles have conspicuous bands on the body and tail that are obscure, or disappear in adults.


  • Size:


  • Teeth:


  • Color:


  • Feeding Habits: Feeds on crustaceans and small fishes.


  • Senses:


  • Social Behaviour:


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution:


  • Life Span:


  • Reproduction:


  • Swimming:


  • Population Report:

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