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Cobblers Wobbegong Shark


The Cobblers Wobbegong is also known as Cobblers carpet shark.


    Scientific Name.... Sutorectus Tentaculatu
    Family Name
    ...... Orectolobidae


  • General Information: This species, unlike the other wobbegongs, has large, rounded tubercles all over its head and body throughout its life (the western wobbegong has dorsal tubercles as a juvenile). Cobbler's wobbegong also has a low first dorsal fin that originates before the mid base of the pelvic fins. Little is known of its biology.


  • Size: Their average size is about 3 feet long.


  • Teeth: These species have two rows of enlarged fanglike teeth in its upper jaw and three rows in its lower jaw.


  • Color: Cobbler wobbegongs are a pale brown with jagged-edged broad dark brown saddles and has numerous small black spots scattered on the body and fins.


  • Feeding Habits: They feed on large shrimps and cephalopods.


  • Social Behaviour: They are a solitary species and is often found hiding in reef caves and crevices.


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution: Southern and Western Australia. prefers rocky bottoms and reefs edges with plentiful sponge and ascidian growth. It is most often encountered in turbid conditions.


  • Life Span: Unknown.


  • Reproduction: They are ovoviviparous. Numbers not known.


  • Cobblers Wobbegong Shark Attacks: Harmless


  • Population Report: Unknown.

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