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Brownbanded Bamboo Shark


The Brownbanded Bamboo Shark is also known as the Banded catshark.

Brownbanded Bamboo Shark




    Scientific Name.... Chiloscyllium punctatum
    Family Name
    ...... Hemiscyllidae


  • General Information: Brownbanded bamboo sharks are considered one of 13 species of the long tailed carpet sharks. They are subdivided into the epaulette sharks ( hemiscyllium ) and bamboo sharks (chiloscyllium ). These usually small fish have thin, slightly flattened, elongated bodies. They have two large spineless dorsal fins that are about the same size. The anal fin, far back on the underside, is in front of the caudal fin, and separated from it by a notch. These short, stubby, paired fins are used by many species for "walking" across the bottom.


  • Size: Adult bamboo sharks maximum length is approximately 40.6 inches long. The young are about 6.4 inches.


  • Teeth: Unknown


  • Color: They are a uniform brown in color as adults. The juveniles have dark bands on a light background, but fade or disappear altogether as they become adults.


  • Feeding Habits: These nocturnal active sharks feed on small benthic fishes and crustaceans and ploychaete worms. It probes coral rubble and sand with their snouts in search of its prey.


  • Senses: Unknown


  • Social Behaviour: The brownbanded bamboo sharks hide within the reefs during the day, and emerges from hiding at night to feed.


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution: Indonesia to India and Japan to Australia. They are common inshore on coral and rocky reefs and in tide pools.


  • Life Span: Unknown


  • Reproduction: This species is oviparous. During courtship and copulation, the male brownbanded bamboo shark bites the female's pectoral fin and may also bite her gill region.


  • Swimming: Unknown


  • Population Report: Not Uncommon.

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