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Blind Shark


The Blind Shark is also known as Brown catshark.

Blind Shark




    Scientific Name.... Brachaelurus Waddi
    Family Name
    ...... Brachaeluridae


  • General Information: The blind sharks get their name from their habit of closing their eyes when caught by fishers. They have a stout, cylindrical body, usually dotted with pale spots. It has a slightly flattened head, small eyes and a pair of long smooth nasal barbells, which are connected to the mouth by a groove the permits water that has passed over the olfactory organs to flow into the mouth.


  • Size: The maximum length of the blind shark is approximately 3.6 inches, on average they are much smaller than this. The size of the pups at birth are about 6.4 inches in length.


  • Teeth: Unknown


  • Color: The blind shark has a brown to black body on top and a yellowish color underneath. It often has light spots across its back.


  • Feeding Habits: This species are nocturnal (feed at night) and feed on anemones, cuttlefishes, crabs and shrimps. Although invertebrates make up the bulk of their diet, they also eat small fishes.


  • Social Behaviour: They are usually found singly. Although there is little information available it appears to be capable of surviving out of water for extended periods of time.


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution: The blind shark is a secretive nocturnal shark that inhabits warm temperate and tropical waters, it can occur in water just deep enough to cover it. It remains in rocky caves and under ledges during the day and only to move out to feed at night.


  • Life Span: Unknown


  • Reproduction: Blind sharks are ovoviviparous and gives birth to as many as 8 pups in the summer.


  • Swimming: Unknown


  • Population Report: Unknown




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