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Bahamas  SawShark


The Bahamas Sawshark is also known as American Sawshark.

Bahamas Saw Shark




    Scientific Name....Pristiophorus Schroederi
    Family Name


  • General Information: There are 5 species of sawsharks and the bahamas sawshark is one of them. Sawsharks are often confused with sawfishes, which are rays. They are named for their most prominent feature which is an extremely long, narrow saw-like snout with a pair of barbels. The bahamas sawshark has a slender body with two dorsal fins opposite of free rear tips of pectoral fins, with five gill slits on the sides of the body.


  • Size: Maximum size for a bahamas sawshark is three feet. There extremely long narrow snout is 31 to 32% of total length.


  • Teeth: The saw is flat and armed with pointed teeth that grow out of each side of the saw snout. There are approximately
    13 to 14 teeth on either side, the mouth itself has tiny teeth.


  • Color: Light brown


  • Feeding Habits: Not much is known about their diet except that small fishes, mollusks and squids are part of it. The pair of barbells help them to feel for food on the bottom.


  • Social Behaviour: Unknown


  • Habitat | Migration | Distribution: Bahamas sawsharks are found in Western Central Atlantic: Bahamas region between Cuba, Florida, and Bahamas.
    Occurring on or near the bottom over continental shelves and insular slopes.


  • Life Span: Unknown


  • Reproduction: Little is known but probably ovoviviparous.


  • Swimming: Unknown


  • Bahamas Sawshark Attacks: Harmless, but will strike if their snout is handled.


  • Population Report: Unknown



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