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Dec. 29 , 2012 - Shark experts still do not know what type of shark killed a bather at
Port St John’s on Christmas Day. They need to find his body to clear up the mystery
 of whether the shark was a bull or tiger shark.

The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board said in reaction to this latest death that this is the
time of the year when sharks are most prevalent along the KwaZulu-Natal and
Transkei coastline. Bathers who swim in areas equipped with shark nets and drum
lines can almost rest assured of their safety.

This was the word from KZN Sharks Board operations head Mike Anderson-Reade
after the shark attack on a 15-year-old boy at the Transkei resort town’s Second
Police divers searched in vain for his body, recovering only his shorts.
The National Sea Rescue Institute was alerted to sharks in the water about
 2.30pm on Tuesday and lifeguards tried to get swimmers out of the water.
“The lifesavers were unable to get everyone out of the water fast enough and a
 boy was bitten. People said they saw a lot of blood in the water and then they
 couldn’t see him anymore. Officers found his shorts near where they think
he went missing,” police spokesman Mduduzi Godlwana said.
Godlwana said the boy’s parents were distraught after hearing the news and had
 requested that no additional information be released to the media.

Conflicting media reports said the shark that attacked him was a bull or a tiger shark.
Anderson-Reade said that of six cases the KZN Sharks Board had investigated in recent years at Port St Johns, at least five had involved bull sharks – also known as Zambezi sharks – while one attacker may have been a tiger shark.
“But without looking at the deceased, it is mere speculation. I think in all probability
 it may have been a bull shark or a Great white shark.”



Dec. 28 , 2012 - A group of state legislators is urging the California Fish and Game
Commission to declare the great white shark endangered, warning that the marine predators are in a “perilous situation.”

On Feb. 6, the commission will consider whether to make white sharks a candidate
for protection. Within a year of that meeting, it would decide whether to list the
sharks as a state endangered species.

Assembly members Paul Fong, D-Cupertino; Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco;
Bob Blumenfield, D-San Fernando Valley; Mark Stone, D-Scotts Valley;
Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont; and Das Williams, D-Santa Barbara; and
state Sen. Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills, last week submitted a letter to the
 commission in support of the listing.

Studies estimate that there are 339 adult and sub-adult white sharks in the
population offshore of California and Mexico, and their pups sometimes die
accidentally in gillnets set for commercial fish.

White sharks also show high levels of toxic contaminants, including mercury,
the pesticide DDT and PCB, another toxic industrial compound.

In August, three environmental groups — Oceana, Center for Biological Diversity
and Shark Stewards — petitioned the commission to protect the creatures
throughout their California range under the state’s Endangered Species Act.

The lawmakers urged the commission to advance the species to candidacy for
that protection, saying that the decline of white sharks threatens
California’s coastal waters.

The listing would add observers on gillnet fishing boats to measure accidental
catch of white sharks, strengthen fishing rules to limit bycatch of the sharks,
and add funding and resources for shark research, the letter stated.

Great white sharks are the ocean’s ultimate predator maintaining a healthy balance
 in the ecosystem,” the letter stated. “If we lose our ocean’s top predator, we
lose the healthy balance of our ocean ecosystem.”



Dec. 25 , 2012 - Shark gets away with two fingers in attack on surfer
The increasingly tumultuous human-shark coexistence just got a little rockier.
A shark attack on a surfer Friday off the coast of Port Macquarie, Australia, has
ended in two lost fingers and bites to the legs. The 29-year-old victim appears
to be admirably calm after the incident, though people in Australia, home of the
 deadliest everything in the world, typically don't raise an eyebrow on shark attacks
 unless at least one entire appendage is lost. Resourceful buddies applied tourniquets
 using their surfboard leg straps. Then, presumably, cracked open a few Fosters while
 they waited for paramedics.



Dec. 18 , 2012 - The glass wall of a massive aquarium in a Shanghai shopping
complex inexplicably burst today, injuring almost 15 people.
According to reports, the incident happened at the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center,
 just off East Nanjing Road, on Dec. 18. The two-year old tank sent thousands of
gallons of water, as well as sharks, turtles and other marine animals, gushing into
an area crowded with shoppers and retail staff. Fifteen people were injured in the
incident, and three sharks were killed.

Local authorities are still investigating why the tank failed. “It just suddenly broke
and fell off,” an injured victim surnamed Li, who was hit by a metal frame, told
the Shanghai Daily.
Almost 23 feet wide and 10 feet tall, the acrylic glass wall of the tank was almost
6 inches thick to withstand the pressure of its contents and was maintained regularly
 every week. It’s not the first time that the tank has had problems, though: earlier
 this year, a water pipe in the tank reportedly broke, killing two sharks.



Dec. 5 , 2012 - Kauai County officials say at 1:20 pm , a 60 year old
 man from Kalaheo was bitten by a shark at a surf break known as "Pakala's" near
 Pakala Village. The man sustained injuries to his left foot and estimated
 the size of the shark to be 10 ft. State Department of Land and Natural Resources Conservation Enforcement Posted warning signs at the beach of the attack.
This is the third reported shark incident on Kauai this year with a previous shark
 incident taking place on Nov.4,2012 at Davidson's Beach in Kekaha where a
surfers board was bitten , however no injuries to the person. Also another
incident taking place on July 30th .



Dec. 4 , 2012 - A Superior Court judge has overturned Toronto's shark fin ban.
 The Ban on the sale , possession or consumption of shark fins or shark fin food
products in Toronto , which was passed in the Fall of 2011 was declared Null and
void. It was ruled in favour of a legal challenge to the ban brought forward by four
members of the Chinese community stating their cultural rights were infringed by
the bylaw. The Judge stated the city acted outside of its power and the bylaw
had "no force and effect". The judge ( Spence ) then went on to warn other cities
 against passing similar laws.



Dec. 2 , 2012 - An Inquest hears , a swimmer ( Bryn Martin ) who disappeared
 off Cottesloe beach in 2011 was attacked and killed by a Great White shark.
State Coroner Alastair Hope said he would find that the 64 year old man was
killed by a Great white while on his regular morning swim. Mr. Martin's family
described him as a strong swimmer and had taken the morning swim at Cottesloe
 Beach for more then a decade. On the morning of his disappearance , Mr. Martin
 had gone on his reg. swim to a buoy about 500M offshore. He was last seen
swimming towards the buoy at about 150 - 200M from shore. His ripped bathers
were found on the ocean floor but despite a very extensive sea and air search,
no other traces of Mr. Martin were found.







( As of December 2012 )


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