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Spring Break Shark Attack

Spring Break Shark Attack

Synopsis / Plot : A school of ravenous tiger sharks turn a spring break celebration into a frenzied bloodbath, and the only way to survive is to stay away from the beach in a sun-soaked tale of iron-jawed terror. The hard-partying college co-eds aren't the only ones hitting the Florida beach this spring break, and as the keg gets tapped and the beer begins to flow, a school of hungry tiger sharks prepares to move in for the kill.

TV Movie Release Date: March 20, 2005

DVD/VHS/BluRay Release Date: March 14, 2006 on DVD

MPAA Rating: 14A

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Horror

Running Time: 88 minutes

Director: Paul Shapiro

Writer: James LaRosa

Notable Cast: Shannon Lucio, Riley Smith, Justin Baldini




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