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Shark Attack in the Mediterranean

Shark Attack in the Mediterranean

Synopsis / Plot : takes place on the island of Mallorca, where German ex-patriate Sven Hansen (Ralf Moeller) runs a helicopter tour business. He lives with his daughter, Maja (Oona-Devi Liebich). As the story opens, Maja is assisting Fabio (Patriq Pinheiro) and Javier (Carsten Spengemann) on their boat, where they are helping tourists dive in a shark cage. Meanwhile, Sven is flying oceanographer Julia Bennet (Julia Stinsoff) to the local institute, when they get word that the divers are in trouble, as the cage is stuck on the bottom of the ocean. Once the divers are rescued, they report seeing a huge shadow in the water. The next day, a body is found near a destroyed boat, where Sven discovers a huge shark's tooth -- one which looks suspiciously like the one which was pulled from his wife's dead body two years before. Sven is then convinced that a killer shark is prowling the waters off of Mallorca, but no one will believe him. It will take more deaths to convince the others that Sven may be right, as Julia and Maja join him to find the shark.

DVD/VHS/BluRay Release Date: 2004, German movie

Genre: Natural Horror

Running Time: 93 minutes

Notable Cast: Patriq Pinheiro, Ralf Moeller

Reviews: The movie doesn't fool around, as it starts off with a bang, and rarely become boring. The sharks appear regularly in the movie, and for a TV film, the CGI shark effects aren't bad. The movie has a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour which makes it much more palatable then if it had taken itself too seriously. The characters are fairly likable and we get two cool car-crashes. There's one thing for sure, Shark Attack in the Mediterranean is much better than most of the Sci-Fi channels stinkers. The movie can't touch the films which it is stealing from, but at least it's fun.




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