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Raging Sharks

Raging Sharks

Synopsis / Plot : Doctor Mike Olsen returns from his oceanic observation station, where his wife Linda feels in charge, when it's reported in desperate trouble after a sudden shark attack wrecked the oxygen supply. The accompanying ship and even the coast guard are also attacked, and soon other sites in and around the Bermuda triangle, where a few years earlier an alien space-ship crashed, which now seeps a mysterious organic crystal. The US Navy sends a submarine, which also carries bureaucrat Ben Stiles, who berates safety and other violations aboard. More dangers lurk inside as getting out proves physically daunting.

DVD/VHS/BluRay Release Date: October 4, 2005 on DVD

MPAA Rating: R

Genre: Action/Horror/Sci-Fi

Running Time: 92 minutes

Distributors: Nu Image Films, Tosca Pictures

Produced by: Danny Lerner, David Varod, Les Weldon

Director: Danny Lerner

Notable Cast: Corin Nemec, Vanessa Angel, Corbin Bernsen, Todd Jenson

Reviews: A Horror.Net review said that the film is a good use of live stock footage, computer effects, and fake shark heads-and gallons of blood. Alison Nastasi, of Horror Squad, said that the film has several hilariously bad moments that B movie shark fanatics will enjoy.




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