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Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus

Mega Shark

Synopsis / Plot : An illegal diamond mining operation is interrupted by the presence of a giant 150-foot crocodile. A hunter successfully captures the giant crocodile when it attempts to eat him and he injects his tranquilizer darts in its mouth. He then has the crocodile delivered to a shipping yard for his friends to load it in a cargo ship. Meanwhile , the US Navy warship USS Gibson is attacked and sunk by the Megalodon Shark ( from the first movie ). A cargo ship is carrying the tranquilized crocodile on the Atlantic Ocean then without warning, the ship is attacked by the Megalodon, waking up the crocodile from its sleep. The battle begins.

DVD/VHS/BluRay Release Date: December 21, 2010

MPAA Rating: R

Genre: Action/Horror/Sci-Fi

Running Time:90 minutes

Distributors: The Asylum

Produced by: David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, Paul Bales

Director: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray

Notable Cast: Jaleel White, Gary Stretch, Sarah Lieving, Robert Picardo





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