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Deep Blue Sea Movie

Deep Blue Sea

Synopsis / Plot : Searching for a cure to Alzheimer's disease a group of scientists on an isolated research facility become the bait as a trio of intelligent sharks fight back.

Theatrical Release Date: July 28, 1999

DVD/VHS/BluRay Release Date: DVD release December 7, 1999

MPAA Rating: R

Genre: Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Running Time: 105 minutes

Distributors: Warner Bros.

Produced by: Akiva Goldsman, Robert Kosberg, Tony Ludwig, Alan Riche, Rebecca Spikings

Director: Renny Harlin

Writers: Duncan Kennedy, Donna Powers, Wayne Powers

Notable Cast: Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, LL Cool J, Jacqueline McKenzie, Michael Rapaport, Stellan Skarsgard, Samuel L. Jackson

Editing by: Derek Brechin, Dallas Puett, Frank J. Urioste

Budget: $60, 000,000
Box Office: $165,048,228

Reviews: The film received mixed reviews from critics. Top Critic Roger Ebert went further, saying of the film "In a genre where a lot of movies are retreads of the predictable, 'Deep Blue Sea' keeps you guessing."




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