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Shark Facts , Myths , Stories, Questions Answered



Q: What happens when sharks break or lose their teeth
A: Unlike humans , sharks have an endless supply of teeth.
When sharks break or lose teeth usually in attacking its prey, another
tooth just comes in. Most sharks have 3 to 5 rows of teeth.


Q: Are Sharks Mammals
A: No , sharks are fish


Q: ( Girl ) I'm on my period right now , is it safe to go in the water
A: For the most part yes


Q: I'm Vacationing on a Beach resort and want to
know if there are sharks nearby ... how do I know
A: 90% of the time , if your out in the water at a beach on the ocean , there ARE sharks very nearby, Sharks for the most part don't care as humans are NOT its prey , so your safe , but anything can happen.
There is no 100% in life, if a shark is hungry enough and it cant find anything to eat , it will take any measure to stay alive.

Q: Sharks can only Swim in Salt Water
No , There is one shark that CAN swim in Fresh Water. The Bull shark
can swim in fresh water and just so happens to be one of the three Deadliest Sharks in the world

Q: Do sharks eat anything and everything they can
No , Sharks eat only certain types of fish , invertebrates or other animals. As portrayed in movies , they DON'T go around just eating everything in there path.

Q: Shark have Poor Vision
No , Sharks have Amazing Vision that can distinguish colors and
employ a lens up to seven times more powerful then a human.
Some shark species can detect a light as much as ten times dimmer
then the dimmest light the average person can see.


Q: Do sharks have Small Brains
No , Sharks have relatively large brains that are comparable
in size to those of supposedly more advanced animals.
Sharks can also be trained.


Q: Do Sharks have to swim constantly to stay alive
Not All sharks have to , this is a Common myth because Great White Sharks are like this , but some sharks Can Stop swimming like the Nurse Shark.



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