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Shark Diving is one of the most exciting things to do in life , and
is a must for anyone's Bucket list. You can shark dive with many
different species of sharks including Nurse shark and whale sharks
to the more dangers great white shark.
Great white shark cage diving would be one of the biggest thrills
anyone can do in there life. Face to face with the king of the ocean.



Tour Operators


Shark Diver
Location - Bahamas , Isla Guadalupe
Sharks -
Great White , Tiger , Six-Gill and More


Davy Jones Diving
Location - Canary Islands
Shark - Angel Sharks


Porthkerris Divers
Location - Cornwall , UK
Sharks -
Basking shark


Great White Adventures
Location: Farallon Island & Guadalupe Island
Shark - Great White Sharks


San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions
Location: San Diego to Guadalupe Island
Shark - Great White , Tiger , Bull ,
Galapagos , Hammerheads and More!


Nautilus Explorer
Location: Socorro & Guadalupe Island
Shark - Great White and More!


Olympus Dive Center
Location: North Carolina
Shark - Sand Tiger


Aquatica Charters
Location: Los Angeles Harbor, CA
Shark - Blue & Mako Sharks


Phantom Divers
Location: Mexico
Shark -
Bull shark and Whale Shark


Dive St. Maarten
Location: St. Maarten
Shark -
Caribbean Reef Sharks & Sharpnose Sharks


Deep Blue Resort
Location: Utila , Bay Islands , Honduras
Shark - Whale Sharks


Scuba Adventures
Location: Bahamas
Shark -
Reef , Bull , Lemon , Tiger and Hammerhead sharks


Fish Rock Dive Center
Location: South West Rocks , Australia
Shark - Wobbegong , Nurse & Sand Tiger sharks



Own or run a shark diving tour ... Email us your
website , location and sharks you frequently see.



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