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 Size Difference of the Megalodon Shark and Maximum Sized Modern Great White Shark Tooth


The Megalodon Shark is the most Popular prehistoric
shark due to its estimated massive size.
Megalodon meaning BIG TOOTH is an extinct species of
shark that lived 1.5 Million years ago during the Cenozoic Era.
Known as either the Carcharodon Megalodon under the Lamnidae Family or  Carcharocles Megalodon under the Otodontidae family
to this day is still under dispute therefore is known as C. Megalodon

The Megalodon is one of the largest and most powerful predators in
vertebrate history. Fossil teeth of the Megalodon Suggest that this massive shark reached lengths of 50 - 70 feet with some suggesting even
larger then that.
Scientists have said that the Megalodon looked like a Stockier version
of today's Great white shark ( Carcharodon Carcharias )



The Megalodon is represented in the fossil record primarily by teeth. As with all sharks the Megalodon skeleton was formed of cartilage ( not bone ).
The teeth are what scientists use to gather information on the shark. The teeth themselves are triangular in shape , large with fine serrations. Shark teeth have been found at over 7 inches in slanted height ... the largest shark tooth of any of today's sharks is the great white sharks who's teeth Max's out at 2 and a half inches.
Megalodon teeth have been excavated from many places in the world including Europe , North America , South America , Japan , India , Africa , Puerto Rico , Jamaica , New Zealand , Australia , Grenadines and Cuba.




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